Is a elephant sitting on my head

Ok well that sounds so silly because I am pretty sure if a elephant was sitting on my head I would be dead ha, but it’s kinda how I feel like so much weight is on top of me. Once everything gets on top of you it’s hard to move and be happy, basically it’s like trying to get a dead weight of you. Many people deal with lifes stresses in many different ways I tend to burry my head in the stand with near a nuff everything, so it comes to the point where I have to ask my self what can I do to help myself because although I have people around no one can actually help me but myself. I started this blog today and I already feel better so that’s a start I guess, I think I am going to write a list of all the bad things in my life at the moment and all the good. It’s never as easy as that but worth a go I guess, some times I sit here thinking why did god make us to make us go through so much pain ? Goooood can you answer me ? Guess not but yeah.. I am going to look in my mirror look my self in the face and say “ listen girl your a strong independent female you’ve got this “ even tho I haven’t but it’s worth a try Happy Tuesday ❤️

Inside my messy head

Hey guys, girls females and gents welcome inside my messy head. Some may think what’s the meaning behide that well basically my head is a mess ( just throwing it out there ) for a number of reasons, but I am hoping that starting this blog could help me over come a lot of things in my life such as depression and few other things but I am sure I will explain that in more detail some point on my blog. So I woke up this morning thinking I don’t want to feel this way any more I love writing ect so why not start a blog where it may lead who knows but if you believe in your self the possibilities   are endless. ( thanks for taking the time to visit my blog i am Dyslexia so please take no notice if I have made any spelling mistakes and if I haven’t google never helped promise ha )